English Courses (ESL):

Specifics and details of our English Immersion Program.

English Courses (ESL):

English Immersion Program:

The challenge of living in a new country is one that we know all too well. The English immersion program offers an escape from these challenges while introducing the English language and culture to our students. Our program will efficiently help students catch-up to their appropriate grade level by utilizing our specialized teaching method. Through the use of our “Art & English” system, we offer an interactive approach that not only improves vocabulary rapidly, but also boosts English reading, writing, and speaking while promoting self-expression.


  • English Beginner [ESL1]

  • English Beginning-Intermediate [ESL2]

  • English Intermediate [ESL3]

  • English Advanced [ESL4]

Phonics, pronunciation, reading and basic comprehension, basic dialogues, topical English learning.

Build paraphrasing skills, summarization skills, differentiate between main idea and supporting details, build critical thinking skills, compare & contrast, interpret figurative language.

Increase effective expression, comprehending informational text, build understanding of figurative language, and reflect on various issues and topics

Writing effective arguments, Interpret figures of speech, build content knowledge, reading and writing across content areas

Open 6 days INFO
We are open Monday - Saturday. Closed Sunday. Check our schedule for holiday closings.
You can't find a better learning experience than Tonesheen Fly! - Jason H.
You can’t find a better learning experience than Tonesheen Fly! – Jason H.