Mandarin Chinese Immersion Program

Specifics and details about our Chinese Immersion Program.

Mandarin Chinese, with its 1.1 billion speakers, is the most spoken and used language around the world. Our Chinese immersion program provides students a chance to learn the subtle details of the language and culture. Vocabulary, language tones, grammar usage and structure are reinforced with Chinese calligraphy and other classic Chinese art forms.

  • Chinese Level 1 [CSL1]

  • Chinese Level 3 [CSL3]

  • Chinese Level 5 [CSL5]

  • Chinese Level 8 [CSL8]

Introduction to Pinyin (phonics), Chinese pronunciation, simple sentence structure, basic dialogues, build +120 vocabulary words

Grammar usage and structure, increased vocabulary words, more complicated sentence structures

Short passage and story reading, use and write compound sentences with transitional words.

SAT II Chinese Preparation, Chinese Culture, Chinese History, Chinese Idioms, Mature Conversations

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Fun Fact

Mandarin Chinese has 1.1 billion speakers worldwide.

Fun Fact

There are traditional and simple forms of Chinese symbols.

Fun Fact

There are 10,000 Chinese characters in use today!

Open 6 days INFO
We are open Monday - Saturday. Closed Sunday. Check our schedule for holiday closings.
You can't find a better learning experience than Tonesheen Fly! - Jason H.
You can’t find a better learning experience than Tonesheen Fly! – Jason H.