Tonesheen Fly Academy provides English immersion programs as well as public speaking, and creative writing programs. We also provide Chinese immersion programs taught by native teachers who have years of experience. Our new Arts and Crafts programs creates a self expressive aspect that, in our experience, is needed in an academic setting.


Our goal? Help immigrant children and locals achieve their academic and artistic dreams.

Practical learning

Hands on practical learning and practice through art, music, projects and math.

Cultural Learning

To not only learn the language, but also the culture behind it.


To provide an immersive school language experience so that our youngest students are fluent in both Chinese and English, effortlessly.

Future Online Resources

We will be offering unique integrated online courses in the future.


Our English class is taught by teachers fluent in English and Chinese.


Respect starts in the home and is carried on through the child’s environment. Our students learn skills that support and nurture respect for themselves, their teachers, and for other students.


To be responsible in commitments and relationships is a virtue and always an important skill to have. Tonesheen Fly Academy positively reinforces the idea of responsibility in children’s attitudes and behaviors.


Honesty develops by example. We want our students to always feel like they can come to us to discuss anything. We in turn must practice honesty and integrity towards our students.


There is joy in giving and our students learn kindness by practicing everyday with kind words and smiles, sharing/giving to each other and common courtesy, please and thank yous.

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We are open Monday - Saturday. Closed Sunday. Check our schedule for holiday closings.
You can't find a better learning experience than Tonesheen Fly! - Jason H.
You can’t find a better learning experience than Tonesheen Fly! – Jason H.